A b o u t   C u s t o m   B e n e f i t   A d m i n i s t r a t o r s
Custom Benefit Administrators (CBA) offers flexible benefit plan administration, COBRA administration and consulting services for employers with 2 to 5,000 employees. Our goal is to relieve you and your staff from the increasingly complex regulatory requirements and time associated with the management of these benefits. How do we achieve this goal? Our staff is industry trained and tested. Our systems are state of the art.But most importantly, we listen to our clients.

Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in flexible benefit and COBRA administration. Robert Hayes, owner of CBA and former owner of Employers' Advantage, has specialized in flexible benefit plan and COBRA since 1984.

Our mission is simple: To provide the highest quality service, utilizing the most effective technology available, all at a great price. To achieve our goal we work closely with your representatives to develop first class services that fit the specific needs of your organization. With an experienced staff of career oriented people and state of the art systems, no other administrator can match our unique combination of service, technology and price.
Services  offered  by  Custom  Benefit  Administrators
COBRA Administration - COBRA permits individuals and families to extend health benefits after the loss of employer sponsored coverage, most commonly at termination of employment. Federal COBRA applies to all employers with 20 or more employees.

Premium Only Plan (POP) Administration - A POP is a formal plan that permits employees to pay for their cost of employer sponsored health benefits with �before-tax� (tax-free) dollars. The benefits that may be paid for through a POP include group medical, dental, vision, certain supplementary (voluntary) insurance, LTD, STD and group life insurance.

Flexible Benefit Plan (FBP) Administration � FBP�s, which are also referred to as �cafeteria plans� or �section 125 plans� offer POP benefits plus the addition of Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA�s) and Adoption Assistance Plans. Flexible Benefit Plans can even include buying and selling vacation days, 401(k) plans and cafeteria �credits� (or allowance) that can be converted to taxable wages.

Parking, Mass Transit and Van Pooling Plan Administration � �Parking & transit plans� permit employees to save taxes on qualified parking and mass transit expenses required for work. Like an FBP, employees and employers pay no taxes on contributions or reimbursements. Parking & Transit plans may only be provided on a stand-alone basis (They may not be included in a Flexible Benefit Plan).
Why  choose  Custom  Benefit  Administrators?
  • We understand that we are first and foremost a �service� organization.
  • We support you with state of the art systems and great people.
  • We tailor our services to fit the specific needs and desires of your organization.
  • We provide our services at very competitive rates.
  • We DO NOT require that you purchase insurance. With CBA, your COBRA and flexible benefit plan administration remains consistent (and in compliance) regardless of which companies provide your insurance.
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